Would you like to be a part of a membership that opens connections and shares knowledge? That supports individuals and gives them a voice? Then apply to join the British Film Designers Guild today, together we are stronger.
To apply to join - please visit: www.filmdesigners.uk/join
Membership Criteria for Joining:
For Full Membership:
Normally applicants will have already gained at least five credits in the grade they are applying for.
Three credits are applicable at the following grades only:
  • Art Department Runner/Assistant.
  • Junior Draughtsperson.
  • Assistant Art Director.
Credits must have been gained working on significant programming. Applicants should have been working in the industry within the last 12 months and proof of continued work over three years in the chosen grade may be asked for, as well as an endorsement from a current BFDG member and a latest copy of your CV/portfolio for review.
For Affiliate Membership:
Application for Affiliate Membership is offered to those newcomers to the industry and should be sponsored by an existing BFDG member or tutor.
Additional Information:
The same criteria (with regards to credits gained) also applies for any members upgrading to the next level of membership.
We accept overseas applicants who work with UK based productions and already have access to suitable visas.
We are not a Union but a non-profit society.
Why is joining the BFDG a good thing....?

Why is joining the BFDG a good thing....?

BFDG Membership Site

We now have a Membership only site - which can be entered from the MEMBERS tab above . This will open a feast of goodies to make your membership smoother and easier to maintain and run; plus access to media, forum, data and fast updates.  Here you can update your own profile with not only contact information, but credit and award data too.  And very importantly you can also get in touch with other members from this site, or check on their experience.

Whether you are UK based, Europe or International all are open to apply for membership, although benefits of being member may be limited or even excluded by not being resident in the UK. Work permits, Visas and Residency is UK Government controlled and separate from Guild remit. Membership opens up connections and knowledge, we do not operate as an employment agency or trade union.

Work visa / permits are UK Government and Border Agency controlled, please contact them directly.

GAME of THRONES, a long running HBO series worked on by host of members over the years.

Awarding winning TV series designed by Sonja Klaus