We aim to have a representative from all skills, levels, experience; both Regional and National supported. If our departments are made up of such we want to get your input, make you feel welcome and that you are recognised as integral the Guild. Experience is highly valued, yet the needs of the younger next generation are essential for the quality and continuation for the goal of excellence.
Committee is composed of active regularly attending members, as well as a wonderful rich resource of talent.

The Guild only benefits if the Membership does. The Guild is the Membership.
Help us to help you. Get involved at any level. Anytime.

Committee meeting North Lodge at Pinewood

This is our favourite meeting place, the North Lodge at Pinewood.
We also use Pinewood Studios main board room, even sometimes Shepperton Studios. We've even been found in the Pinewood restaurant too.
As members you are welcome to attend and see what goes on.

Peter Walpole - Chairman

Peter Walpole - Chairman

My work has varied over the years, it has included Designing Television Drama and Commercials but is mainly concentrated on Feature Films as a Set Decorator, taking me to over thirty different countries.

At the end of 2015 I embarked on the second season of Sense8, another Wachowski Project for Television, it is a story about a group of people around the world who are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat. I have teamed up with Hugh Bateup again but this time as the Supervising Art Director. We are shooting in 16 different cities around the world in eight months. A logistical challenge with 14 different Art Departments.

Adam O'Neill - Vice Chairman

Adam O'Neill - Vice Chairman

Liz Griffiths - Secretary

Liz Griffiths - Secretary

My design flair, organisational knowledge and sourcing compendium are the main resources I utilise every day in my professional life. Whatever challenges present themselves, I like to think I can find a solution, somewhere, some how…

These literary and design skills to interpret scripts, bring them to creative life with the “I know we can make it happen” attitude is what I do naturally. I adore the teamwork inherent in an Art Department – it’s a great buzz when all the elements integrate to create something fresh and different – I love being central to that creative process. After nearly twenty years in the industry this is still a process I find, stimulating, exciting and enjoyable - I revel in collaborating with new exciting people and projects and that passion makes every day an amazing journey to be taken.

Terry Jones - Treasurer

Terry Jones - Treasurer

Terry Jones (Bexley) - Production Buyer. Set Decorating, Purchasing and Hiring of Props for TV- Film-Commercials-Corporate-Events - to Budget !
Sourcing props for many sets (to each production) that need to conform to Director and Designer's specifications, also remaining within budgets, ranging from £1,000 to £500,000 per set.

Productions covering a complete range of Genres and Periods.
Responsible for managing a small team and mentoring interns.
Constant liaison with other departments to ensure that all props and set dressing were on the right set at the right time, and to deadlines.
I also ran the Art Department at London Weekend Television.
Specialties: Working to schedule and Budget

Mads Bushnell - Administrator

Mads Bushnell - Administrator

Mads - The life blood of our organisation. Historically her background ihas been in communications, trade marketing & event management and spent much of her early career working for several of the worlds largest drinks companies.

Latterly she became a freelance office & event manager and has worked mainly for awards and event organisations....subsequently she joined the Guild in 2011.

A Committee's term duration is for two years. All are proposed either by associates and some self motivated to stand. All require to be voted for and accepted. Regularly certain specialists are invited onto committee. A few members are valued for their knowledge and being treated as a resource yet are not expected to contribute on a regular monthly basis.

Should you feel strongly about issues or have value you could add, we would love to hear from you. If you cannot commit for a full term this should not deter you from talking to us.

Nearly all our Committee members are working and practically involved in film making. Due to the wonders of the internet and email distance is not not a problem.

As for Chairman / Chairwoman or Chairperson position, this is typically voted in by the current holder of the position putting forward several names for discussion behind closed doors. Attributes required are knowledge of the business, respected skill and ability to positivity contribute to the Guild as a whole. This individual after accepting serves a two year term as Vice-Chairman. This allows in depth frontline experience and familiarity of existing inter-Guild relationships, Sponsor agreements and general daily running and contribution of the Guild to Membership. There after becoming automatically the Chairman for the following two year term. After which the title of 'ex officio' member, in Latin means literally 'from the office'. Another wonderful resource.


In 2012 -13 we have a particularly large Committee. This has the advantage of that when some members are aboard or unavailable our regular events, meetings and socials are still very successful.

This has alleviated pressure and commitment required leading to a thriving buoyant team.


The work of Supervising Art Director James Hambidge, Art Directors Guy Bradley, Toby Britton & Remo Tozzi. Storyboard Artist David Allcock, Lettering Artist Clive Ingleton, Set Designers James Spencer & Dorrie Young and Junior Draughtswoman Sophie Neil & Charlotte Malynn.

Continuing the successful franchise. art dept members include Assistant Art Directors Rhys Ifan & Matt Wynne, Draughtwoman Emma Clough and Assistant graphics Amy Grewcock

Pan shot at Leavesden Studios. features the work of Art Director Mark Scruton, Set Decorator Dominic Capon, Concept Artists Peter McKinstry & Dominic Lavery, Storyboard Artists David Allcock, Stephen Forrest Smith & Nick Pelham; Draughtsman Dan Swingler and Junior Draughtswoman Sophie Neill.

Features the work of Production Designer Gavin Bocquet, Set Decorator Elli Griff, Art Director Mark Scruton, Concept Artist Dominic Lavery and Assistant Art Director David Doran.

Featuring the work of Art Director Steve Carter, Draughtswoman Julia Dehoff, Graphic designer Helen Koutas and Storyboard Artist Nick Pelham

Steven Spielberg's latest outing. Based at Leavesden, featuring members Supervising Art Director Mark Scruton, Art Directors Guy Bradley, Remo Tozzi, Decor Artist Julian Walker, Co-ordinator Pollyanna Seath and Art dept assistant Andy Young

Featuring the work of Production Designer James Hambidge, Construction Manager Paul Hayes, Co-ord Amanda Pettett, Art Directors Leslie Tomkins, Guy Bradley, Toby Britton, Martin Foley, Su Whitaker, Snr & Set designers Dorrie Young, James Spencer, Charlotte Malynn at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire.