Our main office is based at Pinewood studios, this is for mailing and administration purposes only. We have a associated meeting rooms on site with various other linked facilities.

The best way to contact the BFDG is via email info@filmdesigners.co.uk

BFDG is proud to be resident at Pinewood Studios our top UK film production facility.

Correspondence address...

BFDG Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, Bucks SL0 0HN United Kingdom

office & mobile + 44 (0)7823 348431

Should you wish to contact an individual member, the fastest method is their Agent or Personal Website. This can be accessed via our Directory page within the Membership section. Alternatively an internet search engine adding 'Production Designer' or suitable title can find their site shold our own link for them fail. Using a crew listing organsiation such as Kays - http://www.kays.co.uk/ or The Knowledge. Their publications can be found in main public libraries too.

Our famous historical library was re-housed in the Summer of 2013 within the Superhire Prop Company in Park Royal London NW10.

Pinewood Studios is a secure site, speculative visitors will be not be admitted, the Guild functions in by remote access.