This is one of our key features, specialist Insurance.
Members voted overwhelming to keep it.

BFDG Insurance Policy

The BFDG insurance policy is included with all paid full memberships, for those based in the UK.

Please note several members have asked supplementary questions about our specific cover and herewith those details:

Insurance Documents for 2019

All fully paid (full) members are automatically covered by our Insurance (please note exceptions below)  – The Guild’s accident insurance is unique in that members receive £100,000 cover for accidental death or permanent injury anywhere in the world, whether working or not. The insurance covers accidents in helicopters, single engine aircraft and scuba diving– these are normally excluded from personal accident insurance policies.

NB. To be eligible for insurance from 2019 onwards members must be able to prove that they are either based in the UK or that they have some residency in the UK during the financial year and pay UK tax. Members aged 75-80 receive particial cover (details avaliable from the office), policy will cease when you reach 80 (the maximum age limit of the policy).

Full details of the actual cover are explained in the 2018/19 document below.

This feature is standard with all full memberships.
The primary cover it offers is film production specific with regard to death or permanent injury.

Always read the documents prior to claiming, as the details are important.