The Guild supports diversity, regional technicians and new comers to the UK business and Country. Even though our world is surprisingly small we never get to know or meet everyone. To try to open up new individuals to the wider audience, we invite new members and graduating students particularly to send in a images and little background information. The Guild is all about the members, the benefits are mutual.

The Guild is all about the members, the benefits are mutual.

Simon McGuire - Concept Artist & Art Director

Trained as an Architect. After Several years in practice in the UK and Japan, moved to Canada to work as 3D Artist on Television, Film and Video Game productions. 4 years later relocated to Germany and then Australia working in VFX as a Digital Artist/ Art Director. Currently working in UK Art Departments as a Concept Artist.

Christian Huband Art Director

Christian Huband - Art Director / Concepts / Designer

 The maritime strand that had so defined my childhood, has increasingly become my specialism, with beginnings on the initial episodes of the 'Hornblower' series, right up to the more spectacular Armada sequences on Shekhar Kapurs' 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age', I am frequently required to draw on this particular part of my experience.

Whether in the area of Set Decorating (Munich, Alexander), Art Direction (Hugo, Harry Potter, Bright Star), Illustration (John Carter Of Mars) or in embracing the newer technologies within Visual Effects (Prince Caspian) I have always believed that breadth of experience and a willingness to diversify, are paramount.

James Gemmill - Scenic & Portrait Artist

James Gemmill - Scenic & Portrait Artist

James Gemmill is an American born artist, now living in Oxfordshire. he trained as a fine artist in the States first at University of Utah and Boston University in painting and drawing and then after being awarded a scholarship he studied at the Royal College of Art. He works for some years as a gallery assistance with the Solomon Gallery in London and Gallery NAGA in Boston, Massachusetts. in the Early nineties James Gemmill began his illustrious career as a scenic artist in the film industries.

His CV for this work is far too long to type, although some of the films include both of the Dan Brown Novels The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, Atonement, Troy and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. For these films he applied his expertise in areas like portraits, landscapes, still life, large scale murals, trompe l'oeil effects and texture finishes such as marbling and wood grain.

Most recently James has worked on internal decoration of a number of highly individual properties, whilst carrying on with his artist career.


Kan Muftic - Concept Artist

Kan Muftic - Concept Artist

Film:- Dracula Untold, Godzilla 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy, Cinderella, Edge of Tomorrow, Residue

Publications:- 'Spectrum 21', 'Spectrum 19' & 'Spectrum 16', Underwood Books, 'Imagine FX' Magazine, 'Gorilla Artbook', CFSL Ink, 'Expose', Ballistic Publishing, 'Concept Art', Ballistic Publishing

Education:- Dipl. Painting & New Media (F+F College for Art & Medie Design Zurich), Cert. Fine Art, Croatia & Bosnia and Herzegovina

The BFDG is ever evolving and direction comes from the membership. So please join in as much as you are able.

Although this page was originally intended as a platform for new faces we would like to know of members news, awards and personal achievements. 

We encourage personal statements that can be incorporated into BFDG Press Releases with particular regard to Production Designers, Costume Designers along with Set Decorators and Supervising Art Directors.

The latest film from Marvel, from the art dept Assistant Art Director Julia Dehoff, Draftsperson Alexandra Toomey and work experience Ida Grunsodee.

Netflix series from the Wachowski's, Set Decorator Peter Walpole.

Pan shot at Leavesden Studios. features the work of Art Director Mark Scruton, Set Decorator Dominic Capon, Concept Artists Peter McKinstry & Dominic Lavery, Storyboard Artists David Allcock, Stephen Forrest Smith & Nick Pelham; Draughtsman Dan Swingler and Junior Draughtswoman Sophie Neill.

A new film from Christopher Nolan on which several of our members where involved, including Toby Britton.

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