The directory is linked to members experience category. As we require accreditation agreed by committee prior to listing.
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Our membership covers a diverse range of skills and experience. Spanning project budgets for International, Independent and micro budget productions.

Feature films, Shorts, Pilots, Promos, Commercials, Television Film, Drama Series and Light Entertainment: we work across the board.

Whether looking for an established designer or young technician, most individuals work in various capacities depending on the project budget conditions. Categories do not restrict job titles taken. Indeed many Supervising Art Directors make excellent candidates as Production Designers for smaller jobs. Many already have design credits!

Always contact the office for confidential advice and guidance.

There is a free service if you are looking for crew. We can internally advertise jobs on our closed Membership site and closed Facebook page. Should you wish for anonymity we could forward replies via our office contact. However for a fast, wider and more effective result we can get interested [parties to contact you directly.

All our members are categorised by ability so you can easily cross reference their skills. Every single individual is a talented technician as we have strict entry requirements, so you can have confidence workings with an accredited member.

Netflix series from the Wachowski's, Set Decorator Peter Walpole.