We intend to build a reference source, but like all good things they don't happen over night.
Also as additional benefit to members we produce a yearly Membership Booklet.

Membership Booklet

Membership Booklet

Every year we produce a printing membership contact booklet. These details are never put on the internet, sold, used for mailing purposes. They are solely for the use of the membership only. Only available in printed format to defend against online abuse. These booklets are gold dust and not available to the public.
Guild Calender

Guild Calender

This Christmas 'goodie' was particularly popular, but in the age of online calendar/diaries we now favour other benefits.

Guild Publicity mailshot

Guild Publicity

We have already said that our membership list is never sold or used for advertising mail shots. Although we do on rare occasions buy someone else's. So if by chance you get our own blurb, it's not us just a default mailing. Apologises if we are asking you too apply and already a member. Anyway luck you will have a free bookmark!

Past Advertising

Here is a very successful mail shot that we produced under guidance from Sonja Klaus. This was linked to a special champagne evening and talk by Peter Lamont, BFDG member & famous Bond Film Production Designer.

The BFDG does have a rather long and illustrious history.

We are currently gathering material and intend to upload data of previous members, awards and events from our beginnings. So if you have any archived photographs, drawing and documents please do send them in.

Filmed in Bupdapest, Guild crew members included Assistant Art Director Rhys Ifan and Will Newton

Filmed in Europe with a few BFDG members working at home and on location.