We have tried to select and list a few of the organisations that assist filmmakers in the United Kingdom. Many are UK Government linked and Non-Profit making societies like our own. There is a huge resource open

The internet provides a wealth of information, educational, inspirational with a host of organisations, UK government funded bursaries / grants / discounts and general support. Due to the sheer quantity of sites getting to the genuine non-profit and unbiased sites can be tricky. In this page we highlight key starting points for research, advice and great starting points.

As these sites get generated and altered often we would hugely appreciate if a link fails or better still you find a new source.

Should you be a beneficial industry service provider then please contact us as we may link to your site too. We do favour non-profit  schemes and avoid those that are for private financial gain, third party or commercial advantage. Our own friends/services respect this approach as do our members.

Steven Spielberg's latest outing. Based at Leavesden, featuring members Supervising Art Director Mark Scruton, Art Directors Guy Bradley, Remo Tozzi, Decor Artist Julian Walker, Co-ordinator Pollyanna Seath and Art dept assistant Andy Young

Filmed in Bupdapest, Guild crew members included Assistant Art Director Rhys Ifan and Will Newton

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